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Parents Leadership Council (PLC)

The Parents Leadership Council is comprised of a group of dedicated Brown parents who seek to make a difference in the Brown community by serving as goodwill ambassadors for the University. Council members network with other parents, welcoming them to the Brown parent-fold and educating fellow parents on the importance of the Parents Annual Fund. Philanthropists at heart, Council members often give generously to several University priorities.

If you would like more information about the Parents Leadership Council, please contact
Laura Smith '06, Associate Director, Parents Leadership, at 401-863-3941 or by email.

2016-2017 Parents Leadership Council

Council Co-Chairs:
Donna Emma and Lawrence Davis P'17, P'20
Sheryl H. Flug P'17 and Jeffrey S. Flug P'17
Tracy E. Elstein '86, P'20
Julie A. Flynn P'20, P'20
Tom and Rita Frongillo P'20
Lois Perelson-Gross P'20 and Stewart Gross P'20

Lisa Lebowitz P'16, P'19 and Michael Cader '83, P'16, P'19
Judith Bram Murphy '81, P'19
Carolyn Okin P'19 and Steve A. Okin '79, P'19
Elizabeth A. Price P'19 and Quintin R. Price P'19
Jayne A. Kurkjian-Siegel '84, P'19 and Stephen F. Siegel SCM'83 PHD'85, P'19
Emily R. Steinman P'19 and Steven J. Steinman '88, P'19
Suzanne E. Worden P'19 and Stephen L. Farley P'19

Lynn B. Altshuler P'18 and Jeffrey I. Altschuler P'18
M. Soledad Feliciano Anselmi '86, P'18 and Andrew E. Anselmi P'18
Barbara B. Chapman P'18, P'19 and Duncan A. Chapman P'18, P'19
Ide W. Dangoor P'18 and David Dangoor P'18
Susan S. de Menil P'18 and François C. de Menil P'18
Lee Flanagan P'18
Marci O. Foster P'12, P'18 and Gregory A. Foster P'12, P'18
Melissa Birch Glerum '87, P'18
Jill N. Haggerty P'18 and Paul F. Haggerty P'18
Darlene C. Jarrell P'18 and Mark R. Jarrell P'18
Andrea B. Kutscher P'18, P'20 and Lawrence M. Kutscher '86, P'18, P'20
Ashley B. McDermott P'18, P'20 and Jeffrey A. McDermott P'18, P'20
Deepti Mittal P'18 and Suneet Mittal, M.D. P'18
Marcy A. Sandler '86, P'15, P'18 and James T. Janover '86, P'15, P'18
Christina I. Smith '89, P'18 and Sean Smith P'18
Andrea G. Stern P'16, P'18 and Claude M. Stern P'16, P'18
Jane A. Struzzieri P'18 and Thomas G. Struzzieri P'18
Elizabeth A. Slavin, M.D. P'18 and Jack C. Weingart P'18

Betsy P. Demirjian P'17 and Stephen C. Demirjian P'17
Margaret J. Flax P'17 and Samuel Flax P'17
Kerin McCarthy Fredman, M.D. '84, P'17, P'18 and Andrew D. Fredman P'17, P'18
Lisa Issroff P'17 and David Issroff P'17
Lisa K. Kaye P'17 and William A. Kaye, M.D. '73, MD'76, P'17
Azita N. Khan P'15, P'17 and Sabeeh R. Khan P'15, P'17
Elena T. Kissel '81, P'13, P'17
Mimi S. Reisner P'17, P'20 and Lorin L. Reisner P'17, P'20
Kathy B. Robb P'17 and Curtis P. Robb '76, P'17
Carmen Garcia Rodriguez '83, P'14, P'17 and Carlos A. Rodriguez P'14, P'17
Jane Fried Sheinfeld '82, P'13, P'15, P'17, P'17 and Stephen L. Sheinfeld P'13, P'15, P'17, P'17
Jane E. Stiles '81, P'17
Irene S. Sudac '81, P'17 and Mark T. Sudac P'17
Geraldine J. van Dissel P'14, P'17, P'18 and Jon J. P. Warner, M.D., P'14, P'17, P'18

Parents of Alumni
Stephanie C. Andrews P'13, P'15 and Marc A. White, Jr. P'13, P'15
Jacqueline B. Bechek '80, P'10, P'14
Donna H. Lloyd George P'16
Deborah L. Harmon P'14, P'16 and Robert A. Seder, M.D., P'14, P'16
Elizabeth A. Irving P'16 and John K. Irving P'16
Yamile C. Jimenez P'16 and Pedro L. Jimenez P'16
Teresa C. Kratzman P'16 and E.A. Kratzman P'16
Julie A. Petruzzelli '79, P'16


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